We like to think your results with us will speak for themselves, but before you write your own success story, we thought you might like to see a few from some of our previous Clients…

As you’ll read, they are from every kind of industry, every level of seniority and from Australia to Afghanistan and from the USA to Bulgaria, Italy, Netherlands, etc. 

“Amazing. Got the first job I applied for. Added £16,400 to my salary.”

Brand Manager, Kraft Foods

“You helped me analyse what the two options implied in terms of both short- and long-term career prospects. You were able to direct me in an objective way, without pushing in either way, but leading me towards making up my own mind independently – and eventually choosing the best outcome, too.
I am still very pleased with the decision I made, which meant an immediate pay-rise, an increase in job responsibility and satisfaction. I know I can count on you saying just the right words, at the right time.”

Valeria Scognamiglio

Brand Manager, Italy

“I am very pleased to recommend Sam Waterfall. I used his advice in professional CV writing and his LinkedIn profile SEO service. Before we began working together, Sam took time to understand my objectives. His commercial and marketing experience as well as his broader understanding of multiple industries and levels has enabled Sam to appreciate individual needs & objectives and to reflect these appropriately in a ‘high impact CV’. It is very pleasant and professional to work with Sam. His services offer value for money and he goes the extra mile in his advice in meeting client’s expectation and thus I am very happy to recommend Sam Waterfall.”

Aman Khan

Senior Executive / CEO, Germany

“Sam worked with a member of my family to help him market himself through his CV. He went the extra mile to understand what we needed, and came up with some wonderfully positive and creative concepts which I have no doubt will mark a career turning point for us. Personable and with high integrity.” May 7, 2009 


David Marks

London UK

“Great Results! Sam helped to enhance the presentation and content of my CV through his coaching service inexorably. He has remarkable attention to detail and suggested many changes to a CV that I previously thought was as good as it could get. I would highly recommend this service.” 

Amanda Green

Senior Retail Marketing Professional, Coles, Australia

“As for your service and the quality they have been first class (even for a problem child like myself who needs to be led by the hand) through the whole process you have been professional and thorough. Taking the time to understand an industry that may have been a little alien to you at first and doing so with inthusiasum show true comittment to your clients. You take your time to build a friendship so that you understand were peoples asperasions lay. As for recommending your service ,with out any doubt . All the best mate Lee” 

By email from: Lee Wright

Heavy Construction, New Zealand

“I decided to use Sam’s professional services to update my CV. I had never sought professional help before and was unsure of what to expect. However I sent Sam my old CV and he provided me with a very helpful consultation on the strength and weaknesses he identified in my CV and the importance of promoting my skills and experience in a positive and constructive way.

Sam explained the services he provided with drafting CVs and the costs implications. I had no hesitation in engaging him to draft my CV as I felt that he would be more objective than I could ever be in ensuring that the essence of my relevant skills and experience was captured succinctly in my CV. 

I had a very helpful pre-write interview where with Sam’s help I was able to look at my achievements and my character in a positively critical way which I feel will be very helpful when preparing for interviews. Through the pre-write interview he made me look at my experiences from a different perspective, namely that of the recruiting employer which again has been invaluable.

I was very impressed with the high impact CV Sam drafted as it made all my skills and experience stand out, was concise and to the point. The service I received was excellent and this made me engage Sam to coach me thorough my LinkedIn Profile. Sam very patiently went through many functions available to LinkedIn users which I was not aware of and explained how I could make better use of the social network to benefit my career. 

I believe that the service I received in updating my CV and LinkedIn profile through Interview Doctors was worth every penny I spent and that I certainly received value for money. I will definitely recommend Sam’s professional services to friends and colleagues.  

S. M.

Solicitor, London, UK

I stumbled across a video of Sam on youtube. I was at a loss for writing my first proper CV in marketing, and desperate to start looking for a new job with more money. It had not even occurred to me to get someone to help me with this, but I have really never been good at writing CV’s.

I was extremely impressed with Sam’s description of what he did on video, so I visited his site and sent an enquiry. I was then more impressed at the speed of Sam’s response, and we ended up having a conversation that evening. Sam works with a lot of top level executives in the marketing industry, considering I am only in my first proper job he made me feel extremely positive about my experience and skills, which really boosted my confidence and self esteem.

In our first session Sam went over my CV and highlighted the gaps and areas for improvement, and he spent a good deal of time coaching me on the things I should do to help with improving my prospects. One thing that I was really impressed with was the detailed analysis of my skills and the specific role that would be most suitable to me, I found this brilliant as I have not had it before.

We have decided to carry on with monthly coaching sessions and writing a CV that I can grow into and land my dream job with more money. Following my coaching with Sam I feel totally revived and positive, with a clear focus on what I need to do. I am certain with Sam’s excellent guidance I will go far!


Katie Morgan

Recruitment & PR, London, UK

I’ve used Sam’s services twice in recent years, first to develop a CV with a matching on-line equivalent and then to rework it to fit a change in the direction of my career.
Sam’s style is highly interactive, responding to the way I like to work. He’s also inquisitive, teasing out important information that I would have otherwise ignored.
The finished product is something that I’m proud to show others as a clear representation of me.

M. Benfold

Senior Executive | Team & Business Leader | Operations Management | Organisational Development | Pensions Investments, London, UK

“Sam is detail-oriented and is very good at his job. He is very personable and approachable. I would highly recommend his work!”

D. Gertner

Research Fellow | Enterprise Research Centre, UK

“Sam was recommended to me by a friend at a time of great uncertainty. The Obvious Candidate approach was really refreshing – Sam is positive, pragmatic and inspiring and he tailors the whole process according to where you want to go career-wise and this really shone through.

Having masses of experience in the marketing field himself, Sam is full of wisdom and this fresh insight from someone who had actually been in my position before was just as valuable to me as getting a new CV. Sam was a very calming influence, and knowing I was in the hands of an expert filled me with confidence.

Seeing my new CV was fantastic – sometimes you just can’t see the wood for the trees when it comes to your own experience, but being both an experienced marketing professional and a fantastic coach, Sam totally transformed it from that of a new graduate to a young professional, as well as giving me tips and inspiration for the future.

Before people would look at my CV and be impressed by how much I have done. Now they are impressed by what I have achieved. I have no hesitation in recommending Sam to anyone looking for a high impact CV.”

J. Crooks

Magazine Publishing, New York City, USA

“Working with Sam inspired and focussed me at a time when I needed that to move forward. Working with him was easy to set up and he was quick and reliable and excellent value for money. The finished product we created together was professional and useful. Sam was recommended to me by a previous client who had also got great results. I would not hesitate to recommend Sam to my trusted contacts.”

S. Gray

Business Manager, Charity, UK

Obvious Candidate Job Search Acceleration

“Love the CV – it’s perfect! #Boost of motivation”

Kirsten Battle


I have had the immense pleasure of working with Sam in a voluntary capacity during my time as Secretary of the Newcastle University Business School London Alumni Committee for two years. His vision, his enviable people skills and his passion for what he does is an inspiration to me – not just as Committee member but as an employee and as a person. His recent webinar for the Business School clearly demonstrated his extensive knowledge in the area of personal branding as well as his ability to make even the most complex information easy to understand. The feedback received was extremely positive and I know that there are many people who continue to benefit from his expertise.

I needed some work on my LinkedIn profile, thinking he would give some general pointers but Sam went much further, providing a brand of customer service that I have not seen in a long time. At the end of it, I was left not just with information but with a clearer picture on how to reach – and exceed – my objectives! Sam’s entrepreneurial spirit combined with his strategic nous makes him an asset not just as a businessman but as a friend and colleague.

I have no doubt that there is much more to come from him.

Ngozi Nwabineli

Global Talent & Resourcing Assistant at Diageo | Early Careers and Talent Specialist | FMCG HR | MBA, Diageo

“From the outset, Sam made it clear that his utter focus was on helping me achieve my goals.  I felt the impact of that commitment in every action Sam took – from a virtually instant response to my initial enquiry, through to a personal, direct and clear statement of what I could expect and by when, and at every stage subsequently. Sam delivered on time (which due to my crazy deadline for a job application caused him to work through the night!), exceeded my expectations, and blew me away with his insightful knack of honing in on my best skills.  I finished up with not only a diamond-grade CV but also a much deepened awareness of who I am, what I am good at, and what matters to me in career terms.  Who’d have thought getting a CV written would be tantamount to benefitting from a coaching lightning strike?!”

Kat A.

Specialist Financial Consultant, London, UK

“I thought my CV was excellent. After 3 hours with Sam it was unrecognisable and got the job I wanted and increased my salary. Thank you.”

Senior Product Manager, L'Oréal UK

“After a couple of years on the shelf, my c.v. required some dusting off and Sam’s concise advice helped to sharpen and focus it. Not only did he help me to secure the first role that I had targeted, but was pivotal in facilitating what has become a welcome career change.” 

By email: Tim Sollis

Senior Brand Marketing Professional, UK & Netherlands

“I have been in the recruitment industry for 7 years and I see approximately 100 C.V’s per day, and thought this will be an interesting exercise! [Updating the CV of a Recruitment Industry Veteran] Anyway I thought I would give Sam the opportunity and we firstly had a very thorough and interesting telephone conversation whereas Sam discussed my CV at great length! After the call had finished I felt fantastic and soon realized Sam had pointed out qualities and experiences that were very relevant that I had not even considered detailing in my C.V. I would go as far to say that the discussion I had with Sam that day was ‘The highlight of the day’. Sam has a natural ability to build an individual’s confidence and create a C.V that will stand ‘head and shoulders’ above any opposition in what is probably the most difficult time that candidates are faced with… I will not hesitate to refer future clients to Sam as I have received a top class service! Many thanks again.” 

By email from: Rachael Nixon

Managing Director, The Recruitment Solution

“Expert and good value! Sam helped my application to medical consultancy work which required a complete reworking of my CV and how to approach marketing myself in terms of business skills.” November 30, 2009 

Dr. Patrick Byrne

Medical Doctor & General Practitioner, Cambridge, UK

“When Sam and I started working on my CV I was very excited to hear all the positive feedback on it. We first started the work by going through the CV I had at that time. We read through my job positions and descriptions and Sam asked me to explain what I meant by my descriptions. Just within the first minutes I had realised how much more potential I had and thus my CV. By asking me questions to describe my responsibilities at my job I was able see more qualities. Sam prompted me to think about my own qualities and saw how much I have and have not previously included in my cv. Qualities that are personal and make difference. My CV has adopted a very professional look and content to it, and the best is that it is all me, and all more unique than I could have thought of. When I went into an interview with a recruitment agent, I was not my usual nervous self, about how I am going to present my qualities, whether I am going to miss something that would have been ‘the thing’ to say but I thought of it on my way out the door. I was however worried about how I am going live up to my new CV.  Turns out I didn’t have to worry a single bit because what the CV did for me is to teach me about myself and my positive qualities which I would usually omit when in an interview. But now it was all… well… just right.” 

Adriana Stoyanova

Consumer Research & Marketing Professional, Bulgaria and now London, UK

Hi Sam,  I wanted to thank you for encouraging me to get involved in LinkedIn with your talk at Newcastle University Business School. I joined a group called FC Business and started a discussion in it, one thing led to another and I have now been asked for marketing advice from a town football club in Ireland, who I hope I can now work with.  This wouldn’t have happened without LinkedIn, so thanks for the encouragement!  Hope all is well,  Adam Renshaw, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Adam Renshaw

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Sam is a great professional who perfectly knows his job and adapts himself to your needs. He helped me to build self confidence and to get prepared to interviews. Sam is a very good communicator and makes you understand things in a simple and easy way.
I only have very positive comments on my CV. Sam underlined what was important in my experience and needed to be highlighted.
I would highly recommend Sam to anybody looking for a super coach.

S. Millet

Trilingual Senior Executive Assistant with 10 year's experience - Languages : French, English, Italian, France

“Sam was great at helping me focus in on positioning myself for a strong job search through our work on my resume and LinkedIn profile, as well as developing a job search strategy. His approach and style are both professional, yet personable, with great listening skills that allowed him to really focus in on my needs versus pushing a standard agenda. He truly tailored his expertise to apply to my needs, making the experience of working with him not only refreshing, but very productive and efficient – saving me time (and therefore money), while delivering great results. I was somewhat apprehensive about how effective our collaboration would be working via Skype, but found there to be no impediments in building a trusting relationship quickly and getting the work done that I needed. I would absolutely work with Sam again as needed and highly recommend him to others (as I have already done!)”

D. Wiener

Portfolio Management | Leadership | Change Management, Seattle, USA

“As a student of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) I attended a workshop organized by CIMA and delivered by Sam. I was very impressed by Sam’s insight, knowledge and presentation skills, he certainly has expertise and is a leader in his field. I would definitely use his services as and when necessary in the future and would recommend him to other professionals.”

Misbah Javed

Prince 2 Practitioner; Management Professional

“Sam was recommended to me by two contacts when I was looking to develop my CV. I was a little sceptical about the process that Sam outlined as i thought a cv was a cv…but I now know it is so much more.

Throughout the coaching and cv development process Sam clearly identified the steps required to get to the desired outcome. He was extremely engaging, clear, patient, and responsive to questions and comments.

I found the in depth, and what I thought slightly strange at times, process of identifying what direction I wished my career to take, and the values that are important to me, a really insightful journey, the result being a CV that I am so proud of, but in many ways more importantly, I now have huge confidence and clarity in my experience and skills and true ownership of where I might wish to go.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with Sam to develop a cv, to look at where you might want to develop towards, and to develop the skills and tools to maximise your opportunities to achieve it.”

J. Searle

CEO, Charity, UK