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How To Be Sure LinkedIn Positions You As The Obvious Candidate

Your LinkedIn profile is a 24/7 marketing page announcing your skills to the world.

It is LOVED by Google for its trusted content and rich links, so more often than not, you’ll find it tops the search for your name. If it doesn’t, it should. And we can help you get it there.

While it is smaller than Facebook, LinkedIn’s pure business and job search focus positions it as the undisputed #1 website for showcasing your career skills and talent online. As one commentator said, “If you’re not LinkedIn, you’re left out.”

Add to the mix that, if they like what they see on your CV or online application, most recruiters will move rapidly to a Google or LinkedIn search to verify what you’re said and to conduct a first round investigation that your story checks out as claimed.

Beyond this, LinkedIn is the world’s search engine for people and skills. Your profile must associate you with the skills and expertise you bring so that searches for the skills you offer return you at the top of the list. This makes you the “Obvious Candidate”.

So How Do You Do It?

Like Professional CV Writing, creating and keyword optimising the perfect LinkedIn profile is an art.



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