There’s a lot of career advice for graduates these days. Some folks are speaking to their 20 year old self, others are adding too much technical detail.

But standing out from the crowd of advisers, Gary Vaynerchuk is offering some straight talking advice. In this post on, Gary tells new grads that no one is impressed by their sports team captaincy or their grades in school. That’s pretty much the stuff that gets you to the start line.

Boiled down, his advice is this: “Execute for 18 months then stick it to everybody”

What’s going to get you noticed is knuckling down, getting on with the job and delivering RESULTS. Not talking about how you can do it. Doing it.

Gary thinks the time frame for this ‘revolutionary’ approach (yes, doing the job you’re paid to do) is 18 months. I agree. I think that’s going to work for the company. But more importantly I think it’s going to work for you. In 18 months of hard, post graduation graft at the right company, you’re going to find out what it takes to be successful. Some of it is hard. Some of it takes some real learning. But what you’re really starting to gain is experience. And the faster and harder you hit these 18 months the more you’re going to get out of them.

Gary starts like this…

“This is a big one for me, and many of you have heard it all before. This piece is for every millennial who just graduated college, or for the ones just starting/finishing their first internship, or their first job. This is for the up and coming creators and doers. The one’s who are just starting to discover their perspective and would like to get ahead. Please remember, I am not trying to be harsh, I am just trying to give you the truth…”

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