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If you are moving to the UK, or your partner is moving to the UK, you are probably starting to think about your UK job search.

Professionally written CVs for jobs in the UK

Here at Interview Doctor, the specialist professional CV writers and interview preparation coaches, we have a specific team that focuses exclusively on CVs for the UK. When you are moving country there’s so much to think about, we help our Clients by taking the pressure off the start of their UK job search.

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At Interview Doctor we are professionals. We take time to get to know you and to know what type of employment you are looking for. Our experienced consultants know exactly what will be required in a British-style CV to get you noticed and to help you stand out from the crowd of other applicants in this competitive job market.

To get to know you better we always start off with a free of charge, 15 mins telephone consultation. You can send us your current CV / Resume and our expert consultant will guide you through your options to accelerate your job search.

Why come to the professionals? Maybe our quality guarantee?


While we are certain you can find cheaper CV writing services, we are proud to offer a service that we guarantee. Because we really want you to succeed, we guarantee that your new CV will be the best you’ve ever had, or it’s free! That’s right – if you don’t think we’ve improved your CV and your chances of landing a job in the UK, we don’t want your money!


A professionally written CV to accelerate your UK job search


We take time – usually about a week – working with you to understand your experience and capture the very best of your skills and expertise to create a high impact, professionally written CV which will stand out versus your rival candidates.

Happy Clients from All Over the World… adding £’000s to their salaries!

You can see we have testimonials from all around the world… Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Italy, USA, Netherlands. Our Clients are understand the value of a professionally written CV to create that all important first impression.

They know that paying for a professional document can add thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds to their starting salary. We even offer coaching on how to negotiate a higher salary before you begin. How does a pay rise before you start work sound?

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