Is your social networking habit killing your career?



In case you’ve been under a rock since 2004, Facebook is the


Facebook is all pervasive… We say: “Time to Be Careful Job Seekers”



world’s biggest social networking phenomenon. So many people have joined Mark Zuckerberg’s online creation that it’s population has topped 500 million. That means if it was a country it would be the 3rd largest on earth (behind China and India).

So it’s safe to assume you have a facebook profile.

But is it helping you or hindering you?

Rightly or wrongly, it’s now fairly common practice among potential employers to ‘google’ and ‘facebook’ you before any hiring decisions are confirmed.


So it was the weekend. And it was only once. But that could be all it takes to lose the job offer.



According to Microsoft Research, 70% of US and 41% of UK HR professionals have rejected a candidate based on online reputation information.

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule appears to be, if you’d rather your Boss didn’t see it, don’t add it to your facebook profile.

So here’s a few thought on what to do / not do…

DO: deactivate your account while you are job searching… or at least be prepared to give a good edit to your online image.

DO: think twice before uploading the photo of the time you were on that weekend away with the boys and ended up wearing a dress.

DO: take a hard look at your privacy settings. Work out what is right and keep on top of it.

DO: set up a google alert on your name so you can see what is being said about you online. Ignorance may not be bliss.

DO: set up your LinkedIn profile and use this to manage your professional profile online.

DO: set up and use Twitter to promote yourself positively online.

NB: So it’s not all bad! These positive online moves really work in your favour. Microsoft Research indicates that 86% of HR Professionals in the US and at least 2/3 of those in the UK and Germany were influenced and impressed by a candidates positive online reputation.

DON’T: fall into the trap of ignoring the blurring of personal / public / private via social networking. You need to be aware of the line and where to draw it. Files cached online will be there for a VERY long time.

DON’T: friend your Boss. Come on people. Please!

DON’T: post photos / comments you are going to regret.

DON’T: forget that other people take digital photos too and can tag you.

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